What kind of products does GIMI GEEK exhibit?

GIMI GEEK specializes in “geeky-themed” artwork and merchandise. We welcome original products that have elements of fantasy, geek culture, surrealism, and obscurity. We represent fine art, prints, and merchandise in a variety styles and sizes. All products must be the original creations of the artist represented. Every item is to be handmade and sold directly by the artist. After artwork is submitted, it is carefully examined and approved through our curation process.


How does GIMI GEEK market and advertise artwork?

We manage an extensive online marketing campaign, complete with retargeting ads, SEO, and SEM. We also promote GIMI GEEK artists in person at fan conventions throughout North America. Additionally, we have an earned media and traditional public relations strategy to work on getting media features on our artists. Finally, we have a thriving email list, curated themes with opportunities to be featured and social media following. Artists that exhibit with us may be invited to participate in special projects or press opportunities. We are very hands-on with the select group of artists we represent.


Are there other benefits of being an artist at GIMI GEEK?

Our artists can list an unlimited quantity of original artworks online. We supply a niche customer base that cannot be found at other galleries. We have a professional sales platform and offer secure payment processing. GIMI GEEK provides artists with career building webinars, a geek-themed convention database, and an interactive artist community. We advertise through a variety of channels and offer customer service.


How do I sell art with GIMI GEEK?

Apply to be a GIMI GEEK artist here:

We represent emerging and established artists that specialize in fantasy, steampunk, surrealism, comic, and anime art from around the world.


What are the seller fees with GIMI GEEK?

GIMI GEEK offers a standard membership and an art gallery program. We encourage artists to choose the plan that works best for them.


Art Gallery Program

An invite-only program for artists that have a small portfolio of original artworks. It’s free to sign up and artists can display 30 pieces of original art. The commission rate is 30% (thirty percent) on all sold products. The artist keeps 70% (seventy percent) of the list price.


Standard Membership

A great value for artists interested in listing unlimited originals, prints, and merchandise. This membership also includes advertising and features on social media. Artists pay $14.99 a month and a commission rate of 15% (fifteen percent) on all sold products. Artist keep 85% (eighty five percent) of the list price! Try a 30 day trial for free!


Can artists living outside of the United States apply?

We do exhibit international artists, but we are selective about the international artists we choose due to shipping logistics. Due to shipping complications, we cannot work with artists in countries that are embargoed by the U.S government. Currently, sanctioned countries/territories include: Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and the Crimea region of Ukraine.


Does GIMI GEEK require exclusive representation?

No. We do not require our artists to sign an exclusive representation agreement. We encourage artists to pursue as many opportunities as possible to promote their artwork and products. Artists control their inventory through their personal dashboard. Artist may upload and remove listings at any time. We recommend that artists update listings of one-of-a-kind pieces immediately after sale to avoid double-sales and confusion. Otherwise, all products and merchandise may be listed at the discretion of the artist.


Where is GIMI GEEK located?

Our office is based in Nashville, Tennessee. We do not operate a physical gallery, however we regularly participate in art fairs, fandom conventions and put on events.


Who is responsible for packaging and shipping artwork?

Artists are responsible for storing, handling, and shipping their products. After a product is sold, the artist will receive an email notifying them of the sale. GIMI GEEK offers a complete guide on packaging and shipping products, but ultimately it is the artist’s responsibility to properly ship and insure their work.


Who is responsible for shipping expenses?

Artists are responsible for shipping costs. When pricing out products, we encourage artists to include enough of a buffer to cover domestic shipping. We offer a $50 credit for international shipments. The shipping credit will be released to the artist at the time of payment (approximately ten days after the product is delivered). Artists can use any preferred carrier to ship their products. As a courtesy, we can assist with creating shipping labels through GIMI GEEK, and the shipping fee will be charged against the artist’s pending payout.


How is the retail price of artwork determined?

Artists are encouraged to set their own prices. GIMI GEEK does not offer compensation for packaging, shipping, or insurance expenses. We recommend that artists account for any additional expenses when pricing their artwork.


Can international clients purchase my art on GIMI GEEK?

Yes! GIMI GEEK reaches an international client base. Your work will be available to collectors all over the world.


What happens if my art is damaged in transit?

GIMI GEEK will help guide you through the process of filing a claim with your shipping carrier. Please note that all products shipped should be insured with the carrier for full value.


What is GIMI GEEK’s return policy?

We offer a seven-day money-back guarantee. If a product gets returned, the buyer will pay to ship the piece back to you. However, in cases where the product is damaged or incorrectly described, the artist must cover shipping expenses.


When and how do I get paid for sold products?

Payment will be distributed approximately 10 business days after a product has been delivered to the client. Artists can view pending payments on their account dashboards. Currently, all payments are issued through PayPal.


How to I report my GIMI GEEK earnings for tax purposes?

It is the artist’s responsibility to report their income. Artists are considered consignors rather than contractors. Artists can view previous sales on their account dashboard.


Who owns the rights to my art?

You do! You retain your rights throughout the entire process of selling on our site. We simple help you sell your art and products by promoting them through our website and other promotional channels such as social media.


Do you have additional questions? Please contact us!

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