GIMI GEEK was founded by Faina Lorah, an award-winning oil painter, and Simon Tam, an entrepreneur who has helped develop the careers of thousands of artists. Both Faina and Simon spent over a decade as guests at comic and anime conventions selling art. Both were frustrated with poorly organized events as well as online platforms and galleries that made it difficult for artists to succeed. What originally began as a conversation on improving these worlds turned into something far more approachable and practical for artists: GIMI GEEK, the world’s largest online artist alley, where creativity, resourcefulness, and talent thrive. 


Faina Lorah
Co-Founder & CEO
Faina is an award-winning oil painter, author, and illustrator who has built a loyal following for her work combining surrealism, steampunk, and spirituality. She oversees curation, creative direction, and artist development.


Simon Tam
Co-Founder & COO
Simon is a musician and author who has worked with over 200 fan conventions across North America. He has helped coach thousands of artists. He works on development, operations, and creating puns for the team.