GIMI GEEK is the world’s largest online artist alley.
We showcase a wide variety of artwork by emerging and established artists. Our unique marketplace specializes in fantasy, steampunk, surrealism, comic, and anime art from around the world. Every art piece in our curated collection has a story of whimsy, inspiration, and adventure.
Our mission is to make geeky art more accessible to fans by creating an online exhibit space for talented artists. Our goal is to flip the script on art, by removing traditional gatekeepers and streamlining the art buying experience. GIMI GEEK offers the expertise, insight, and variety of a traditional art gallery, while allowing artists the freedom to showcase their best and most unique work.
When artwork is purchased, it is shipped directly from the artist. This process ensures a special and authentic buying experience. GIMI GEEK works closely with buyers and artists to assure the best possible experience.
GIMI GEEK strives to create an engaging and welcoming experience, that ignites a passion for the arts. Our team loves to connect people with more art, stories, and wonder.
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